Halo 5 news: release date, two trailers and details about Master Chief

Halo 5 news: release date, two trailers and details about Master Chief by  2928 views

Today, there are several news for those who anticipate the upcoming release of the new part in the iconic Halo shooter series. As the developers promised last week, two story trailers of the future project have been shown recently. Also, 343 Industries has revealed some details about one of the game’s characters - Master Chief - and Halo 5 release date. And let’s start from the most exciting news.

Thus, according to the official information, Halo 5 release date is set for October 27th. The project will come out only on Xbox One as an exclusive. So far, it’s quite hard to tell which story the forthcoming instalment will tell. Two trailers and one quite interesting audio record, which are related to the shooter’s plot, have appeared on the game’s official site. Thus, the published below Halo 5 trailers show the same situation, but from the perspective of the new character - Agent Locke - and the well-known one - Master Chief.

The presented Halo 5 trailers have been accompanied by the following message: “There are two sides of every story”.

And in the audio record, which has also been published on the site, a journalist tells about the Master Chief’s biography. The reporter has to write an article about him, so that’s why he starts looking for any related information. As it has turned out, Master Chief - the savior of the galaxy - was a simple boy named John. He was born in 2511 in Elysium city. According to the memories of the various people, this boy was very sharp and sportive. When John was 12, he went in for boxing. Once, he beaten his opponent so easily that everybody understood - boxing is not just a hobby for little John. But at one time, the boy disappeared and no one knew where to find him. But then, the journalist learned that John wasn’t the first one to vanish in Elysium.

After that, the events unfolded even more mysteriously. The journalist found some old documents, which stated that John died when he was 6. The story is very intriguing, isn’t it?

The developers have said that the first Halo 5 trailers and audio record are only the beginning. During the press conference, which will take place at E3 2015 in June, 343 Industries will reveal lots of fresh interesting information about the new shooter as well as amaze the players with scale world, epic battles and thrilling plot.

Are you fine with the announced Halo 5: Guardians release date? What do you think about the trailers and a story?