GTA V game : more than 700 missions are confirmed for multiplayer mode!

GTA V game : more than 700 missions are confirmed for multiplayer mode! by  8170 views

Recently we have told you that Rockstars Games company has presented GTA Online multiplayer and showed its video, and today we want to tell you some details of GTA V.

So, yesterday Spanish 3djuegos site published an interview with one of the most famous figures of Rockstar North - Leslie Benzies, in which he shared many details about GTA Online, the most interesting of which are those related to the missions.

According to Benzies, GTA Online will have about seven hudred missions, five hundred of which are permanent and are unlikely to change, while the other ones will be renewed later. You can launch the mission in several ways: either you get an SMS from your friends, who need your help, through PNJ, or you can get to the blue points marked on the map of Los Santos, and start there a certain quest.

In addition, the head of Rockstar North has shared the information about the number of players who can take part in the multiplayer missions. For example, the minimum number of gamers is 4 people, and the maximum - 16, but he said that the number of participants will be determined by the type of mission, and that players will have access to specially designed for GTA Online interface, which will include all the necessary data (number of participants and your friends here, statistics). And one very important thing is that only the players of the same level will be able to play one mission, which helps to maintain a balance between the participants.

GTA V game will be finished in less than a month (September 17) for the current generation of consoles.