GTA Online will get several free modes

GTA Online will get several free modes by  4716 views

The developers have promised to release the pack of modes named Capture during this month, and yesterday they announced that the new add-on is coming as soon as today. This free update of GTA Online will bring several interesting modes, in which you will try yourself as a part of the team.


Capture - the addition we are talking about - will bring 20 new jobs and four interesting modes to play in GTA Online. In all modes you will need a team, and also each of them requires the strategy making. Capture add-on will be a part of the free update, which also is going to fix several bugs in the game.

So, which modes will be available in GTA Online?


In Raid mode you will need to steal a package from the base of your enemies. Then you will have to bring the stolen parcel to your team's base. The team that has reached the certain score or has delivered more packages will be the winner.

Almost the same conditions are in Hold mode, but here you will also be able to find a package on the map. But be sure that the opposite team won't steal it from your base.

GTA mode is the most traditional to the game. Your main goal here is to hijack more vehicles than the enemy team.

In Contend more there will be only one package in the middle of the map, and so your team needs to be very fast and get it quicker than the opposite one. After some team has captured the parcel, the new one appears on the map again.

Capture add-on will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 as the game itself.