GTA Online will be launched today

GTA Online will be launched today by  8195 views

Have you already played enough GTA 5? Rockstar thinks that yes, because today the developers will launch GTA Online - special additional multiplayer mode, in which you can live the life of criminals together with real people and in real time.

GTA Online will be launched very soon, and if you can't wait anymore, we would like to present you a bunch of its fresh information. Your multiplayer experience will start from the character's creating. In GTA Online you will be able to choose two parents and then define the genes that he or she will get from mother and father. Also you will need to set the additional options, for example, how honest your character is or how often he or she performs crimes. It is interesting that all these specific settings really have an influence on the online hero, and the dialogues and lifestyle of your character will depend on them.



After your hero is created, he or she will appear between the main characters of GTA 5 single player, so anytime you can switch to him or her and check. Later you will be able to customize the character by changing his hairstyle, clothes or making new tattoos. The members of the GTA Social Club will get additional customization items as well as interesting jobs.


As we have already reported, in GTA Online there will be a special in-game currency, and you will be able to buy it, using real money. But without the Reputation Points you won't be able to buy a car or real estate, so don't think that money will make you a good player. However, IGN reviewers, who had got an early access to GTA Online, reported that it will be rather hard to earn money in the game, so the real dollars will help you to enjoy the multiplayer mode more.

Also the developers have announced that in GTA Online you will be able to go to your friends' houses or garages. But if someone has invited you, you won't be able to ruin his house or steal his car.



Are you ready for GTA Online? What do you think about this brand-new for the series mode? Let us know in the comments below.