GTA Online: GTA 5 multiplayer, its details and screenshots were revealed

GTA Online: GTA 5 multiplayer, its details and screenshots were revealed by  14293 views

We were looking forward to this moment and now it has come to a head. Yesterday Rockstar Games presented GTA 5 multiplayer (which is called GTA Online), showed its video, fresh screenshots and told its main details.

GTA Online world is very dynamic, lively, colorful and rich in various kinds of entertainment. Here you’ll have the real freedom of action - you’ll be able to perform the missions, to earn and spend your money for your needs, to choose whom you want to become and what you want to do at this moment (whether it is a small job or a big competition), to play alone or with your friends. And the same time you will develop your reputation and career, getting access to the new characters, missions, rewards and almost limitless possibilities in the game. In addition, Rockstar Games promises to expand GTA 5 all the time, so you’ll be able to create your own races, competitions and quests, which you'll be able to share with other players afterwards.

GTA Online world is so well-developed by the game developers, with the perfect mechanics, created specifically for networking, and inexpressible atmosphere of GTA 5, that you may well get the impression that you have an another life, which is very rich on the different events.

In while we are expecting the GTA Online release, which is scheduled for October 1 (currently only for PS3 and Xbox 360), we invite you to look at the latest game’s screenshots taken from the GTA 5 multiplayer.