GTA 5 release date and map!

GTA 5 release date and map! by  88605 views
RockStar, as earlier trying to delay the GTA 5 official release date announcement , referring to previous statements about game’s exit in the spring 2013. Although some information about the project constantly seeps into the network.

One of these days the internet giant sent a chain letter to all users that made preorder for GTA 5. The fact that most major next year projects, don’t have a release date, and so the default release date, usually it’s in the end of the year December 31, 2013. Below you can see one of these letters, which shows a different date of receipt by the availability of goods - March 27, 2013. Is this another ploy to attract orders or the official GTA 5 release date truly named, can’t say yet .


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