GTA 5 news: maps, characters, editions

GTA 5 news: maps, characters, editions by  11282 views

Although GTA 5 news are published almost on every gaming site, the fans of this upcoming project still want to know more. Rockstar Games decided to bate our curiosity and answered the most frequently asked questions on the company's official site.


A lot of gamers want to know more about switching and interaction between characters. Thus, someone has even been interested in the possibility to kill, for example, Michael, playing as Trevor. The developers have told that each protagonist has his life and his way of spending free time, and at any moment in the game you can switch from one character to another to see what he is doing. During the missions you will have to switch more often, because many missions require cooperative work. But killing one of the protagonists is a very hard task, as Rockstar representative reported, but you may injure one of the companions.

The other questions touched Special Edition of GTA 5. The gamers are curious if the traditional map will be included in the ordinary and special editions of the game, and Rockstar says - yes. If you buy box version of the game, you will get a big paper map with the whole enormous game's world. The map from Special Edition contains interesting details and secrets on it.


Also the developers have told that weapons and vehicles in the game will be customizable, GTA 5 for Xbox 360 will be shipped on two discs and you will have to install it from the first one and play from the second one, and that PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will be completely similar. And again there is no official news about GTA 5 for PC or next-generation consoles, because now the developers are working only on two versions of the game. But Rockstar has promised to present more GTA 5 news very soon, show the gameplay videos and announce the details of the game's multiplayer mode.