GTA 5 news and another one screenshot

GTA 5 news and another one screenshot by  11757 views

Omitting the official site, the latest GTA 5 news came from Russia, where the closed presentation of this upcoming game took place last week. Here in total secrecy several selected journalists were able to watch certain GTA 5 scenes.


According to Russian GTA 5 news on the presentation the developers showed each main character of the game in action. Franklin was jumping with parachute above the northern part of the game's map and later was walking in the beautiful forest and meeting tourists, fishermen and different animals. Trevor was lying on the beach with a bottle of something very alcoholic and then sailing the sea and diving into amazing underwater world. And finally Michael was driving along the night streets together with some local pop-star and trying to throw her persecutors off.


During the presentation the developers also revealed several new details about the gameplay of GTA 5:

  •  Switching between the characters will get an amazing animation: the camera will be coming up, showing the whole map, and then down - to the new character.
  •  But during the joint missions the switching will be very easy and fast, because to complete this type of tasks you will have to unite three heroes in one solid team.
  • The characters will be getting different injuries during the game, and all of them will be turning into scars and scratches.
  •  The game will have beautiful background music.

Also the developers hinted at cooperative mode, that looks pretty natural because of three main characters in the game. But is it really true or not we will find out only in future GTA 5 news.

And the last one present for the game's fans is the new GTA 5 screenshot: