GTA 5 news: additional content and leaked trailer

GTA 5 news: additional content and leaked trailer by  5752 views

We have already reported about Special and Collector's Editions of the most anticipated this year's game, and today would like to tell you more about them. The latest official GTA 5 news is about digital content of the previously announced editions, and the latest unofficial one is about leaked GTA 5 trailer.

Special and Collector's Editions will include lots of interesting digital stuff. First of all, every owner of any edition will get special pistol, shotgun and hammer that will be customizable and will have their own features. Also your characters will get a 20% discount in any shop together with the access to the exclusive items and several free articles of clothing and tattoos. Moreover, each character will get his special ability: Michael will be able to slow down time during the skirmish, Franklin - while driving a car, and Trevor will get the ability to cause double damage and take only half of the damage during the battle.


The owners of the Collector's Edition will get access to the special customization system that provides the feature of creating a character using the parental genes and will be able to use well-known characters from the previous instalments as parents. Also they will have several additional unique vehicles and capacious garage.

And finally the gamers who will pre-order any of these editions will be able to try themselves in exciting plane training and drive on a sportbike.

And still this information is not the all GTA 5 news we want to share with you. Recently Leadergamer site has published fantastic GTA 5 trailer that hasn't been presented officially. Unfortunately, this video has been deleted from YouTube, but you still can watch it here.