GTA 5: new screenshots and a version for PC

GTA 5: new screenshots and a version for PC by  28678 views

Rockstar Games, which has recently released a new trailer for GTA 5, has decided once again to please its fans. This time, they have released 12 new screenshots (all screenshots you can see here), which show main characters - Michael, Trevor and Franklin - on different types of vehicles. We can see them on motorcycle, under water, and even with a parachute. That's just this way Rockstar Games company has remind us that in the new part of the world-famous action-adventure, there will be all kinds of activities, and you will be able to choose the one your like.








Although GTA 5 was announced only for PS3 and Xbox 360, but we have a reason to think that this game will be released for PC. Rockstar company has not officially confirmed this information, but the German retailer GamesOnly, based on the information provided earlier in the special edition of GTA 5, says the opposite. We are talking about the features in the new part of game’s series (bonus outfits, exclusive weapons, a full-scale world map, special abilities booster for cars and many other things) that along with PC advanced architecture, which is almost the only strong enough to support detailed graphics of cities in GTA 5, gives the right to assume that a game’s version for PC will be released by developers’ team.

The question about its release date for computers is still open.