GTA 5 for PS4 was shown, and it looks gorgeous

GTA 5 for PS4 was shown, and it looks gorgeous by  3498 views

Rockstar has held a closed door presentation of GTA 5 for PS4 at GameStop Manager Conference, during which there have been shown a 45-minute long demo video of the upcoming project. The lucky gamers, who have attended the event, say that the next-gen console version of GTA 5 looks amazing.


Fresh details about GTA 5 for PS4 are coming from NeoGaf user called The Shogun. According to him, Rockstar showed a long and fantastic video presentation, in which the developers revealed lots of updates and innovations of the versions for the next generation of consoles (and probably PC). 1080p graphics looked amazing, and the gamers were able to notice lots of changes. Let's discuss them all.

1. Grass, foliage, flowers were significantly redesigned and now look much more detailed. Also, the underwater world - plants and coral reefs - was changed.

2. Render distance is the second thing which amazes in GTA 5 for PS4. It has become much bigger, and all locations are loading very fast. The difference between original GTA 5 and the remastered one is especially noticeable while rendering the city at night. The lighting is absolutely awesome now.

3. Water rendering has also been updated. You will be surprised by the literalism of rain, rivers and ocean.

4. Not only plants but also animals were remastered in GTA 5 for PS4. According to the source, fur looks just like a real one.

5. During the presentation, the developers have mentioned that they are going to add lots of new content to GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Among other stuff, there will be new songs and radio stations.

6. GTA 5 will be launched soon. Unfortunately, the developers haven't revealed the official release date. We'd like to remind you that the game may be out in the middle of November, according to the latest rumors.

UPD: GTA 5 release date was officially announced. Also new trailer appeared.

Here are all news about GTA 5 for today. Stay tuned for more!