Grand Theft Auto V Online developers have come to grips with cheaters

Grand Theft Auto V Online developers have come to grips with cheaters by  7369 views

Just a couple of days ago we reported that Rockstar Games released new GTA 5 update, which should resolve the problem with the foul play, and already today we hasten to tell you that the project’s developers have tackled the problem of mass cheating very seriously.

Thus, yesterday, Rockstar’s employees reported on the official game's site that Grand Theft Auto V Online will be closed for maintenance during a day - January 16th, - and today we have found out the cause of such action. According to the information published on the site, this temporary suspension of work is associated with the incredibly massive cheating in GTA Online. Today the developers are going to remove the counterfeiting of all in-game currency that they will found in the course of investigation. If you have been earning the money by dishonest means, i.e. you have been engaged in cheating, then you will be punished - from the withdrawal of all your currency to a ban. In case you have such money, but you haven’t been trying to get it unfair, the funds will just be removed without any consequences for you.


In addition, the developers are asking anyone, who will notice the cases of cheating, to tell them using the in-game reporting functionality. Rockstar apologizes for any inconvenience for honest players and promises to release more than one GTA 5 update to combat cheating.

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