Fresh GTA 5 news: sales, DLC, information about game’s PC version

Fresh GTA 5 news: sales, DLC, information about game’s PC version by  6104 views

Lately there weren’t many interesting news about the incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto game series, but today we are ready to tell you some fresh GTA 5 news.

Yesterday Take-Two Interactive - the distributor of GTA franchise in the NA - presented a quarterly report about its income. According to figures provided therein, the sales revenue of GTA 5, which has been launched only for two platforms (PS3, Xbox 360), has amounted an incredible $1.86 billion. And if subtract all the costs of the game’s development, the company's net income is $578.4 million. It’s not bad, is it?

Also, on the investors' meeting such questions as the release of GTA 5 for PC and the development of the future add-ons (for existing game’s versions) have been discussed. Thus, the employees of Take-Two Interactive haven’t officially confirmed the release of GTA 5 for PC, emphasizing that at the moment they really have nothing to say. According to the information provided by Rockstar’s employees, they have spent a lot of strengths to develop Xbox 360 and PS3-versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 (the release of which, by the way, was quite smooth), so they will be able to announce GTA 5 for PC only when they are confident that this game’s version will work and look as well as the consoles ones. And it takes a lot of time and strengths. So, we will have to wait.

But that's not all GTA 5 news. Rockstar company has also said that it is already working on the huge story DLC for the game. It is unknown what exactly it will include (maybe there will be casinos, as we reported earlier) and when it will be released, but the developers have promised to reveal more information about it the next month.

We hope that you’ve liked this information. And if you want to be up on the latest GTA 5 news, we advise you to stay with us.