Fresh Far Cry 4 news and video

Fresh Far Cry 4 news and video by  3521 views

Have you missed the fresh information about the next instalment in the popular Far Cry series? Then welcome, because today we are going not only to show you a new project’s gameplay video, but also to tell some fresh Far Cry 4 news. But lets talk about everything in order.

A couple of days ago, new Far Cry 4 gameplay video, which was filmed by one gamer at E3 expo, appeared in the network. This trailer lasts 6 minutes and shows us two ways of delivering the combat - in the stealth mode and while riding an elephant. The main character is trying to liberate a fortress, which is occupied by Pagan Min’s soldiers, firstly alone, eliminating them using the sniper rifle and knives, and then taking advantage of a big elephant, who demolishes everything and everyone on its way. It looks very impressively, so we strongly advise you to watch fresh Far Cry 4 gameplay video, published below.

Also Alex Hutchinson - the creative director at Ubisoft Montreal - has told about the difference between project’s versions. According to him, Far Cry 4 game will primarily be developed for PC, and then it will be ported to the current and next-gen consoles. It means that the owners of consoles will get better versions of the project, especially if we are talking about graphics on PS4 and Xbox One. In the meantime, Far Cry 4 developers are intended to provide all gamers with the same interesting gameplay, regardless the platform, for which the game will be bought. We would like to believe this information, but if it is the truth or not, we will be able to verify only after the shooter’s release.


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