Fresh Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailers are presented

Fresh Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailers are presented by  3143 views

Not so long ago we informed you that Ultimate Sexy Costume pack - the dream of many gamers, who have fallen in love with the game only thanks to frank and so sexy costumes of main characters, - is now available worldwide, and today we want to show you fresh Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailers.

Obviously, the publisher of this amazing fighting game, Tecmo Koei company, has decided that Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate screenshots, on which the protagonists in frank clothes are depicted, aren’t enough to attract more players. So the publisher presented two new game’s trailers. The first video shows us the girls-fighters in a rather open school uniform who are fighting not only against other students, but even against their very hot teachers. If you want to know who won this battle, and how the main characters look like in school seductive costumes, watch the video presented below.

In the second Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailer, presented yesterday, we see our girls on the ring, fighting desperately to win both alone and in pairs. But as always the main thing here are stunningly sexy costumes, which you’ll also see in this video. So watch, enjoy and do not forget to leave your comments about the game or its trailers.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate game was released earlier this month for PS3 and Xbox 360.