Fresh Assassin's Creed Unity screesnhots and arts have been presented

Fresh Assassin's Creed Unity screesnhots and arts have been presented by  5728 views

Following the video, which demonstrates the new game’s character - Elise - and was published last night, the developers have presented new colorful Assassin's Creed Unity screenshots and arts.


On two game’s arts, we can see the capital of France at the end of 18th century, its buildings and citizens - the rich ones, who are travelling by the luxurious chariotees, and the poor people, who need to work hard in order to earn the money for food. As it seems to us, these colorful artworks help feel Paris’ atmosphere of that time better, understand how its inhabitants lived then, and so imagine a bit which moods will prevail in the upcoming game.


As for project’s screenshots, there are six of them, and they all show us the game’s protagonist - Arno. Here we see him fighting against different foes, climbing on the roofs of houses and penetrating into the various buildings and even jumping from the housetops. It looks really cool and exciting, but we suggest you verifing it, having looked at the fresh Assassin's Creed Unity screesnhots, published below.


And the last information about this game for today concerns the possibility to guillotine the enemies. As you probably know, the new part in this exciting series will have a guillotine - a standard instrument for the full execution in France of 18th century, - and that’s why it’s not surprising that many gamers hoped that it may be used as a weapon. But Ubisoft’s representatives have told that the players won’t be able to guillotine anyone, as much as they would like to do it. But don’t be upset, the game contains lots of other interesting and awesome weapons.

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