First look on the Grand Theft Auto V gameplay

First look on the Grand Theft Auto V gameplay by  36166 views
Today known gaming magazine Game Informer published the first review of the new project from RockStar - Grand Theft Auto V. The game will be a revolution in the series and will push far behind masterpieces such as Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row: The Third, which until recently were considered giants game in the style of GTA.


The narrative will be conducted on behalf of three characters: Michael - the man of middle age, whose occupation was until recently a bank robbery, Trevor - alcoholic and petty thug who terrorizes the boredom and poor areas of Franklin - a young but promising thug who is growing rapidly in the criminal career.


The main occupation of the trio, but we will play on the line for all those with the ability to switch at almost any time, will be robbing banks and various storage filled securities or other things. In addition to the main storyline will always be a rich selection of additional tasks and activities such as yoga, tennis, base-jumping, triathlon and golf, racing and much more.


The city itself will become more open (though what is expressed is not clear), and geographically will occupy an area four times the map of GTA 4. In addition, the game will underwater missions, and many other water activities. The game will be more thoughtful AI, even the main characters, when not driving, will have their own class. The behavior of NPCs in various locations will be completely different, and now the rich from the poor areas will stand out not only by the size of houses and steep texture machines, but also human behavior, as well as internal content buildings.

When creating the game developers used the experience gained from Max Payne 3 - fights will have cinematic insertion and delayed shows. Transport management system and the use of weapons have also been revised and heavily modified.

Release of the second trailer is scheduled for November 14. Read about the game in our preview on Monday!

GTA 5 release is scheduled for mid - late spring for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the PC version of the game still is not known.