FIFA 14 soundtracks are presented!

FIFA 14 soundtracks are presented! by  4025 views

EA doesn’t cease to delight the fans of its numerous projects, in particular FIFA 14, by providing them with new and often good news. So today, as you may have guessed, another piece of good information about the upcoming FIFA 14 waits for you.

So, yesterday the publisher of the project presented a list of music that will appear in the game on its official website. According to EA, the music is an extremely important part of the FIFA franchise and therefore they can’t ignore it. So they tried to diversify it, taking into consideration the different generations of players and their country of residence. That’s why FIFA 14 game has got 37 artists from around the world and we, in our turn, can tell you that the FIFA 14 soundtracks are very different and  you’ll find something you’ll like in FIFA 14 playlist for sure. And in order to confirm our words, we suggest you to watch video (and enjoy a pleasant light music) of "Love Natural" song from Crystal Fighter, the original version of which will also appear in the game.

And if you're interested in all FIFA 14 soundtracks with theirs performers, you can see them on the official website of EA.

We remind you that in Europe FIFA 14 game will be released in a week.

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