FIFA 14 game has been released in Europe! (video)

FIFA 14 game has been released in Europe! (video) by  6592 views

Today, at last, FIFA 14 game - one of the most anticipated projects of the year - has been released in Europe. And the developers of this stunning football simulator, EA company, just have to celebrate this incredibly important event, so as recently as an hour ago they published FIFA 14 launch trailer, dedicated, of course, to the game's release in Europe.

A new short FIFA 14 video is a kind of advertising of the product, which describes all the advantages of this year’s project. So, if believe the things written in this video, then FIFA 14 game is the biggest, the most ambitious, and certainly the best in the history of football simulators, as well as an incredibly realistic and well-designed. Agree with such a laudatory description of the project or not is up to you, but we would like to advise you to watch this small FIFA 14 launch trailer and to render your own verdict whether the publisher presented us its game with dignity or not.

We would also want to present you once more game’s launch trailer, prepared specially for Austarlia:

We’d like to remind that FIFA 14 has been released today for the current generation of consoles and PC.

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