Far Cry 4 protagonist - who is he and what’s his role in the game?

Far Cry 4 protagonist - who is he and what’s his role in the game? by  3361 views

Yesterday, the new information about the project’s protagonist, as well as some other Far Cry 4 details, which we’d like to tell you, appeared in the Ubisoft’s official blog.

As you remember, Ajay Ghale is the Far Cry 4 protagonist, who is going to steeped in violence Kyrat in order to fulfill his mother’s dying wish. But you may not know that he is this country’s descent. His parents have lived in Kyrat for a long time, and the main character himself was born there. But after some tragic event with Ajay’s father, the mother takes him to the USA, and he doesn’t return to this place for many years. And now, having come back to the country of his birth, the Far Cry 4 protagonist reveals that many people know him, his parents and even the family’s story. Moreover, Pagan Min is familiar with Ajay.

According to Alex Hutchinson - the creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, - it’s very important that, at least at the beginning of the game, “the player and the character are one”. The project’s main character knows as little information as you do. You will be as confused as Ajay, when the people around will recognize you and will tell some really crazy stories about your family.

Besides it, Alex Hutchinson has also revealed some other Far Cry 4 details about the protagonist’s choice and the faction called Golden Path. As the creative director at Ubisoft Montreal has said, there won’t be only white and black, as in the real life. “The good guys” can act cruelly sometime and use strange methods. As it happens in our world, you will have to make a choice, which may have the shades of gray, and it will influence on the game’s world and the story in general.


You will collaborate with Golden Path organisation in order to fight against Pagan Min’s despotic rule, and here you will encounter with lots of hard decisions and choices. This faction is quite big, and its leaders have their own methods of struggles, which sometimes may seem unacceptable for you. That’s why, when you chose the side, at the same time you determine in which way you will fight against Pagan Min and even which price you’ll have to pay for it. But the main thing is that each your choice will influence on the story, the misions and even the tools, which will be available for you at this or that game’s stage.


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