Far Cry 3 will become more mad

Far Cry 3 will become more mad by  6232 views
For those who didn’t have enough adrenaline and action from Far Cry 3, and Vaas madness seems to be the child's game, Ubisoft has prepared something special. Soon hardcore players can learn real island’s power and all its dangers.

In the near future the game will get a new mode - "Master", which will open after main storyline completing on the complexities of "Traveler," "Survivor" and "Warrior." In the new update after Jason will play to the end, all outposts will be re-hostiled.

Furthermore, the developers are preparing a revised Far Cry 3 multiplayer mode, in order to make it more understandable. And in the same update the users’ maps beta-option that we are likely see no earlier than in 2 months will be launched.

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