Fan's GTA 5 map and more

Fan's GTA 5 map and more by  19581 views

Rockstar is trying to keep a secret, and still we have too little GTA V news. We don't know the exact GTA 5 release date, we don't know, whether the game will be released for PC, but even it is not a problem for real fans. The other day team of fans created their own GTA map, based on the screenshots, official trailers and San Andreas city structure. How do you think, is it close to the real future GTA 5 map?


We got new information about GTA 5 music. After DJ Kavinsky, who confirmed his participation in the game via Twitter, another one hip-hop musician announced, that he is working on GTA 5 soundtrack. Alchemist - a DJ, who has already been involved in GTA projects and appeared on GTA radio in Gangrene band - is that guy. But it seems that Rockstar doesn't want to reveal any info about his participation, so after a while his tweet was deleted.

Meantime the marketing campaign for Grand Theft Auto 5 started, and official GTA 5 poster appeared in Warsaw. We hope, that this short advertisement won't be the last one, and soon Rockstar will give us exact information about GTA 5 release date and other news.


And while we all waiting for GTA 5 release date, Rockstar successfully sells its other project - GTA: Vice City for mobile devices. More than 100 thousands of the game's copies were sold during the first month after the release date. Have you already played it? We will be glad to see your answers in the comments below, and also in our Facebook community.