Evolve game has got first screenshots

Evolve game has got first screenshots by  5408 views

Just a couple of days ago we informed you about the new game, entitled Evolve, which is being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, and today we want to show you its first images.

Thus, yesterday gameinformer site presented first Evolve screenshots and artworks. On fresh pictures you can see one of the monsters available in the game - Goliath. This incredibly big beast that can throw the huge boulders, jump high and spew the flame in order to defend itself or attack someone. In Evolve game, where four players fight against one, you (the fifth gamer) will be able to choose your own creature and in order to equalize somehow the chances with your opponents who will be hinting on you, you will be given the opportunity to develop the monster in one of three possible ways. Your creature will grow, improve and increase the number of its skills, which there are two originally. This is quite dangerous and terrifying being. But in order you are able to verify it, we suggest you to look at fresh Evolve screenshots and artworks, published below.


And if you are interested in Evolve game - a new cooperative sci-fi project, which is being developed for PC, Xbox One and PS4, - we are glad to announce that its release is planned for early autumn this year.

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