EA is going to show something big at the GDC

EA is going to show something big at the GDC by  6465 views
A few days ago EA started sending the invitations on their presentation of something new at the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) exhibition. The company didn’t say anything about what they are going to show on the named date, but the invitation’s background, style and content are similar to the Battlefield 3’ presentation teaser.


According to the unconfirmed reports the developers plan to announce the Battlefield 4, the early version of which they had showed a few weeks ago, officially .

Moreover, the most sharp players discovered another Easter egg in the DLC End Game. The real pterodactyl has been noticed in the "Air superiority" mode in the last Battlefield 3’ update! Is this a hint on a prehistoric Battlefield part? (which is unlikely), or simply a reference to another DICE’s project is still not clear. The fact that it is not ordinary bird, you can see by yourself in the video below.