DMC: Devil May Cry new DLCs announced

DMC: Devil May Cry new DLCs announced by  9037 views
Ninja Theory has begun bombing DMC: Devil May Cry players with different game additions. At the moment we know only about  two DLCs, although it doesn’t mean that the company has any hidden away surprises.

Supplement "Blood Palace", released yesterday add 101 rooms with a variety of challenges and options for its passage, of course basically it will be total destruction. In addition you can find as much as 5 ultra bosses in the palace rooms, defeating each of them will be awarded with extra points for the global players’ score table. Add-on will be available to all who have completed the main DMC: Devil May Cry storyline. "Blood Palace" DLC details can be found in the video below.

The Bloody Palace demons blood hasn’t dried on blades yet, and with the support of Capcom developers the company announced the big plot game’s addition.

"The Fall of Virgil" talk about what happened with the Dante’s brother after the main storyline end. The trailer reveals a lot of locations, unique enemies and new techniques. Whether Virgil will go to Evil or not is still unknown (but hairstyle hints), but we will have from 3 to 5 hours to found it by ourselves.
DmC: Devil May Cry, Virgil Downfall DCL release will take place two weeks later, on March 6 at a price of 8.99 euros for all platforms.