Details of the next Battlefield 4 DLCs and the game’s problems

Details of the next Battlefield 4 DLCs and the game’s problems by  2340 views

Battlefield 4 is the next instalment in the popular Battlefield game series that has been already released for almost all platforms (except Xbox One), that’s why the developers should take care of two critical issues - the new game’s bugs and the fresh add-ons. Let's start from the beginning.

If you remember, at the end of the last week Battlefield 4 game was launched on the next-gen console from Sony - PlayStation 4, - but many gamers who wanted to play the shooter on this platform just couldn’t do it because of many bugs. The players have been getting kicked out of games, and are shown an error code CE-34878-0. But not only the owners of Battlefield 4 PS4 version weren’t lucky last weekend, but those who have game’s PC version too. Thus, somebody has made DDOS-attack on the multiple servers of DICE. It has caused a lot of problems in the multiplayer mode, and therefore a huge number of people willing to play Battlefield 4 multiplayer, just couldn’t do it. However, the developers assure that they are actively working on correcting the errors found in PS4 and PC-versions of the game, so that in the near future (we hope) we will be able to enjoy the game without the bugs.

And now it’s time to please you. In addition to these bad news, DICE has told the good one - new information about the next two game’s add-ons. Thus, the first Battlefield 4 DLC is called Second Assault, and it will be released on November 22 for Xbox One. This pack will include four classic Battlefield 3 maps (Caspian Border 2014, Gulf of Oman in 2014, Operation Firestorm 2014 and Operation Metro 2014), five re-made weapons, ten assignments, Dune Buggy vehicle and Capture the Flag mode from Battlefield 3: End Game. Second Battlefield 4 DLC is called China Rising, and it will be available since December 2. This add-on consists of 4 brand-new maps (Altai Range, Dragon Pass, Guilin Peaks and Silk Road), 5 types of weapons, 2 vehicles (bomber and dirt bike), 10 new assignments, 2 gadgets (UCAV and SUAV) and Air Superiority mode from Battlefield 3: End Game. Both of these packs will be available to Battlefield 4: Premium members two weeks earlier.

And while we are expecting the fix of the bugs and the expansion packs’ release, we are reminding that Battlefield 4 game will be launched for Xbox One on November 22, for PS4 - on November 29 (Europe).

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