Dead Island: Riptide release trailer

Dead Island: Riptide release trailer by  3606 views
Deep Silver has done everything in order to make the Dead Island’ sequel make worthy for those who liked the game, and help the new players to open the world of survival horror games.

Despite various difficulties faced by the developers, they do not go out of their way. This confirms the fact that the cool figure of a bitten girl that is a part of one of the special Dead Island: Riptide editions, was not excluded from the market. Although the critics from various gaming publications were not able to reach a consensus, may be that’s why the overall assessment of this project is only 6 of 10.

• IGN - 7,2
• Eurogamer - 6/10
• CVG - 5,9
• VideoGamer - 5/10
• GameSpot - 4,0
• Game Informer - 8,0
• OXM US - 7,5
• EGM - 6,0
• Destructoid - 5/10
• Metro - 4/10

Dead Island: Riptide release is appointed on April 26 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so there is still time to make a pre-order for special game’s edition. You can find more details about the Dead Island: Riptide plot in the trailer below.

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