Dead Island

Dead Island

 Votes: 2365
 Rating: 4.6
 First-person shooter
Dead Island game is an action RPG with open-world and nonlinear gaming process, that was released for PS3, Xbox360 and PC in 2011. Dead Island is a very special story about zombies on lost tropical island. Four characters are trying to find the way out of this horrific place, but lot of mutated creatures are hunting them.
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It seems that the latest time the developers don’t share enthusiastically the fresh information about their projects, and that’s why it’s not surprising at all that the players and various gaming portals have to get it by all possible ways. Just yesterday, we told you some fresh rumors about the possible Star Wars: Battlefront release date, and today hasten to share the information about alleged postponement of Dead Island 2 launch.

 by Anna Stepko 2015-04-08 2233 views

The release date of the new part in the Dead Island series hasn’t been specified yet, however, its publisher - Deep Silver studio - has started revealing some details about the beta-testing of the future game. Thus, the information, which might be interesting for the owners of PS4 first of all, has been revealed on the project’s official site in the FAQ section.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2014-12-02 4609 views