Dark Souls 2 for the next-gen: true or false?

Dark Souls 2 for the next-gen: true or false? by  4176 views

The unconfirmed information about the Demon’s Souls sequel developing for PS4 has caused the rumors about the possibility of the Darks Souls 2 game’s next-gen release.

After the presentation of new game's trailer, From Software’s co-director - Yui Tanimura - has answered to a few topical questions. In the interview he told that his team hasn’t thought about the game’s porting to PS4 and Xbox One consoles yet. However Tanimura has noted, the main factor, considered by them before starting the game’s developing process, is a platform’s potential. That’s why From Software’s team has chosen current-gen consoles for the Dark Souls 2 game.

Tanimura has also assured fans that recent management reshuffle won’t harm the whole Dark Souls 2 game’s conception. Vise, it will help bringing the right atmosphere and fresh thoughts to the game. Hidetaka Miyazaki, who was one of the Dark Souls originators, is still involved to the project as a supervisor and gives an advisory opinion when necessary.

As for some novelties, Tanimura has added that the world in the Dark Souls 2 game will be quite similar to the location of the first part, but it will get more open with new opportunities for the players.

The Dark Souls game’s release for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 is announced for March 2014.