Crown of the Old Iron King DLC for Dark Souls 2 is out now

Crown of the Old Iron King DLC for Dark Souls 2 is out now by  2682 views

Bandai Namco studio has launched another Dark Souls 2 DLC titled Crown of the Old Iron King, the fresh screenshots of which we showed you last week. Let us remind you that the first expansion - Crown of the Sunken King - was released on July 22nd.

So, what will the players see in the latest Crown of the Old Iron King DLC? Firstly, a totally new and unexplored world in the Dark Souls 2 universe will be presented to them. The gamers will have to complete several hard locations in order to get the crowns of the former Drangleic’s King - Vendrick. But only the bravest warriors will have the courage to enter the huge tower, which is covered with the black mist, flames, smoke, dangerous magic and many sly traps.

Besides that, a lot of new weapons’ types (the daggers, the swords, the spontoon, the bow) and equipment are presented in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. They will help players conquer the terrifying and the bloodthirsty bosses.

Also, we’d like to share with you the other latest screenshots of the second Dark Souls 2 DLC:


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The Crown of the Old Iron King DLC costs $9.99. The third add-on - Crown of the Ivory King - will be available on September 23rd on PC and Xbox 360 and a day later - on PS3.