Capcom shared more details about the Dragon’s Dogma Online game

Capcom shared more details about the Dragon’s Dogma Online game by  2943 views

The Dragon’s Dogma Online game was announced by Capcom studio a couple of weeks ago. Then, the company stated that the new MMORPG is supposed to be released only in Japan. But recently, while discussing the upcoming project in the Twitter account, the developers have given the players from the other regions some hopes for the contrary. In addition, they have shared a little interesting information about the future instalment.

According to the reports, the Dragon’s Dogma Online game will bring the players to the continent called Lestania in year 322. They will have to unite in order to restore the powers of the White Dragon, who has lost his strength after having created The Arisen. The last ones are intended to protect the kingdom from the numerous monsters and beasts, who are willing to invade the territory of Lestania. By the way, the orcs will be the most scale evil power in this MMORPG. They are very aggressive, hate their neighbors and always ready to fight.


Surely, besides the White Dragon, the Dragon’s Dogma Online game will include several other types of these creatures as well. Currently, there’s only one of them revealed - The Lindwurm. These dragons live in the oceans and the deep rivers. Their skins are covered with the electric sparkles, which strike immediately everyone, who dare to come closer. Another Lindwurm’s weapon is the powerful water flows, which are coming from their chaps.


One more type of enemies, which will be presented in the forthcoming project, is The Colossus. These are the gigantic creatures with a horn on the forehead and the spikes on the skin. They have some common features with the cyclops, however, these creatures are more cruel and bloodthirsty.

Besides the above listed details, the information about the probable localization of the future Dragon’s Dogma Online game has appeared online. As it’s reported, the developers leave open the possibility to release the new MMORPG not only in Japan but also in Europe and NA. According to the Capcom’s producer - Yoshinori Ono, - first of all the publisher is interested in the project’s launch in Japan, but it doesn’t mean that the Dragon’s Dogma Online game won’t come out in other regions eventually.