Dragon’s Dogma Online news: a fresh trailer and some information about alpha

Dragon’s Dogma Online news: a fresh trailer and some information about alpha by  2290 views

A few days ago, we showed the latest screenshots and renders of the upcoming MMORPG from Capcom - Dragon’s Dogma Online. And today, we’d like to share more fresh news about this project. Thus, recently, the developers have announced in which resolution the future game will work on the current and last-gen consoles from Sony, have presented its new trailer as well as reported when the Dragon’s Dogma Online alpha will start.

And we will probably begin from the last listed news. As you remember, firstly, Capcom plans to launch the forthcoming MMORPG in Japan this year. That’s why the Dragon’s Dogma Online alpha has been announced. It will take place only on PS3, unfortunately. The Japanese players will be able to apply for testing starting from tomorrow - April 7th - and till April 20th. The Dragon’s Dogma Online alpha itself will be held from April 20th till 28th. The official reports about the test will be published on the project’s FB page on May 8th.

According to the official information, the Dragon’s Dogma Online alpha will include only four classes of characters - Shield Sage, Fighter, Hunter and Priest. The fighters might be improved up to 10th level. The Seeker and Sorcerer classes, which were demonstrated on the screenshots before, won’t be playable during this test. Besides the Dragon’s Dogma Online alpha, the game’s closed beta is expected to take place in summer. It will be held on all platforms - PC, PS4 and PS3.

By the way, as Capcom studio has said in one of its recent interviews, the version of Dragon’s Dogma Online on PS4 will run at 1080p and 60fps. The developers have noted that sometimes there will be small reduction of the frame rate in the places where lots of players are gathered at one time (such as multiplayer, etc.). Unlike the parameters of Dragon’s Dogma Online on PS4, the ones on PS3 will be lower - 720p and 30fps.

And finally, here’s the latest Dragon’s Dogma Online trailer:

The published Dragon’s Dogma Online trailer demonstrates two mentioned earlier new classes - Seekers and Sorcerers. The first ones are fighting against the enemies with their special weapons and the second ones use magic.