Black Ops 2 video review

Black Ops 2 video review by  2726 views
Treyarch has revealed more information about new part of Call of Duty series at the Gamescom 2012 exhibition. It would seem, what can be better that Black Ops? Of course the same game that takes place in the future!

The fact that storyline takes place in the future gives the developers freedom in the weapon and armor construction. We’ll see hundreds of different weapons, a lot of gadgets and ammo, and of course vehicles, including mini-drone that attaches to the arm.

And how is it possible to make stable balance in the chaos of perks and ammunition? Game’s developers have made brand new system “Choose 10”. Each player starts with 10 points, that can be spent on skills, perks, weapons or ammo upgrades, and after that he gets 1 more point for every level. Will U choose a huge machine gun and heavy armor to rush into a frontal or it’s better to take some perks, sniper gun and wait for heavily armored heroes? It’s all up to you, but you will be able to open  almost all (available) positions in the store. After the 7th level you’ll get the ability to choose one of the standard classes with its attributes.

Unlike the previous part this time we have different “monetary unit” - points. U’ll receive points for murder, capture\holding control points, special tasks and other activities. Gaining point will let you buy some upgrades and even robots! Drone - small flying robot that can be used as a scout or as an assassin. A.G.R. is heavy robotic tank with own AI, but can be controlled by player.

Also we want to introduce you some multiplayer gameplay videos about different types of battles and maps.

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