Black Mesa release today!

Black Mesa release today! by  2489 views
Cancel all your deeds for the evening! Send the wife with her girlfriend on shopping, and put children to bed early. Unplug the phone and feed the cat. Clean the old mouse and shake the dust from the keyboard - today you’ll need them!

The game Half-Life will get a second life, thanks to a group of fan authors, today at 14: 45 . After 8 years of volunteer development team of 38 people will release a mode, called Black Mesa.


The mode will be maximally close to the first part of Half-Life,and it will show how awesome could become a game, if the Valve had used all of its creation features of the Source engine.

The game will be released today in a few hours, but will the developers have time to add it to Steam, is still unknown. Only few hours remain!

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