BioWare has presented one of the Dragon Age: Inquisition characters

BioWare has presented one of the Dragon Age: Inquisition characters by  2879 views

BioWare company - the developer of the new part in Dragon Age series - has decided to share with its fans several detailed pictures of the Dragon Age: Inquisition character - a witch named Morrigan.

According to the company’s community-manager - Jessica Merizan, - the developers are planning to introduce each Dragon Age: Inquisition character in the coming weeks and months. Both new and already known heroes are going to be presented. The main purpose of such decision is giving access to the detailed HD images for the illustrators, artists, cosplayers, fans and even cake designers that want to see the characters before the game’s release. The pictures are available for free download, so the players can print them and use as a room decoration or a sample to create a costume.

Morrigan - the first presented Dragon Age: Inquisition character - won’t become a team member, as it was explained by the developers, but her role in the game is going to be significant. And while Morrigan’s mission is kept in a secret, we offer you to take a look at the image and see her outfit: a black dress, leather corset, decorated with feathers, gloves and accessories.


The Dragon Age: Inquisition will be launched for PC, next and current-gen consoles is planned for autumn 2014.