Bethesda will launch the Fallout 4 survival guide

Bethesda will launch the Fallout 4 survival guide by  4044 views

It seems that Bethesda company has decided to put its best foot forward before the release of the new Fallout 4 game. According to the developers, the future project will be so scale that the players will need a special instruction to it. Along with Prima Games studio, Bethesda will launch the Fallout 4 survival guide. It’s official title sounds like Vault Dweller's Survival Guide.

The book will include 400 pages and contain the detailed maps with all stashes and secrets, the recommendations for the game’s walkthrough, various statistics, the information about every type of weapon, equipment and other items that the gamers will encounter. Also, those who purchase this Fallout 4 survival guide will get a free eGuide optimized for mobile devices.

The Fallout 4 survival guide is already available for pre-order in the Bethesda’s official online store or at Amazon with a pleasant discount. The RPG’s creators have already prepared the Collector’s Edition of this manual with a hardcover.


Let us remind you that last week Bethesda announced a special collection titled Fallout Anthology for PC. It will include all previous games from the series.

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