Battlefield 4 update for PS4 is delayed

Battlefield 4 update for PS4 is delayed by  2359 views

The owners of Battlefield 4 PS4 version, sorry, but we have to upset you today. If you have some problems with the new instalment of DICE’s shooter and you hope that today’s patch will fix everything, just forget about it, at least for now.

The developer of Battlefield game series - DICE company - has announced that anticipated Battlefield 4 update for PlayStation 4, which had to be released today, is postponed. According to project’s creators, they need to have the delay in order to do some additional testing and make sure that everything works correctly and they will not have to fix this patch later. We don’t know when Battlefield 4 update for PS4 will be launched, but DICE’s employees promise to tell the patch’s release date a bit later.

Let us remind you that Battlefield 4 update for Sony’s console has to fix crashe issues that sometimes apeears when you have a very large amounts of friends, to solve the problem with audio unavailability in PS4 video captures, and to fix "one-hit kill" bug.

If you are the owner of Battlefield 4 PC version, then you don’t have to be worry, because the developers hadn’t any problems with the patch for PC, so it has already been released.