Battlefield 4: Second Assault launch trailer is released

Battlefield 4: Second Assault launch trailer is released by  2694 views

Yesterday we told you some fresh details about the first upcoming Battlefield 4 add-on - Second Assault, and already today we are going to demonstrate you its launch trailer.

If you remember, Second Assault DLC will be released tomorrow and only for Xbox One for now. According to the developers’ information, it includes 4 the most popular and significantly remade maps from Battlefield 3 (Operation Firestorm, Operation Metro, Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman), 5 types of weapons, 10 fresh assignments, 1 vehicle (Dune Buggy) and Capture the Flag mode. So, as you may already have guessed, 2-minutes long Battlefield 4: Second Assault launch trailer apart from the endless shooting, the explosions and the destruction of everything around, shows us the abovementioned bonuses. Here you will visit on all 4 add-on’s maps (alternately, of course), see the weapons, using which you’ll be killing the enemies, drive the Dune Buggy and other vehicles and, of course, you will be fighting for the victory till the last your breath. But less gab and more action, so we just offer you to see what awaits you in Battlefield 4: Second Assault, watching its launch trailer, which is published below. Enjoy!


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