Battlefield 4 news: the week of free game and the upcoming update

Battlefield 4 news: the week of free game and the upcoming update by  4464 views

Today, the fans of the famous shooter series will get a double portion of the pleasant information. We’ll share with you the latest Battlefield 4 news, which include the details of the future game’s update and the conditions of the special offer from Electronic Arts. And we’ll start from the last one, because many players, probably, are eager to find out which surprise the studio has prepared for them.

So, starting from today and during the whole week (till August 14th), all gamers can get the free Battlefield 4 PC version in Origin. Over this period, the project is included to the program titled Game Time.

The free Battlefield 4 PC version doesn’t have any limitations. In order to activate the shooter, the players have to add it to their Origin library. It’s worth to mention that the countdown of the game time (168 hours) starts from the launch and not from the download. But if you want to take a break and get a rest, you should remember that the time will move on anyway.

Because of the free Battlefield 4 PC version is full, the gamers have a chance to try both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer. All the experience will be saved in the user’s account. In case of buying the shooter after the end of the offer, the players will start from the achieved level.

It’s a really good deal, isn’t it?


And besides the offer, we’d like to tell you about the novelties, which the upcoming Battlefield 4 update will bring to the shooter this September.

According to the DICE’s press release, we’ll see the major changes in the gameplay and big improvements in such project’s modes as Rush, Carrier Assault, Capture the Flag, Obliteration Competitive and Obliteration.

Secondly, the next Battlefield 4 update will add the corrections to some types of techniques and weapons, will change the mechanics of the soldier’s movement and to the revive process. The last one will become more clear for the players and will be available in most situations. Moreover, the future patch will optimize the project’s interface - will make it more easier - and will upgrade some technical characteristics of the shooter.

Are you waiting for another Battlefield 4 update? Will you take part in the special deal? Leave your answers in the comments below.