Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC has got its launch trailer

Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC has got its launch trailer by  2899 views

If you are a real fan of Battlefield series, then you know for sure that yesterday Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC was released, but only for game’s premium members for now.

And since the launch of each project’s add-on (especially if it’s a big one) is an important event for developers, then the latter will celebrate it for sure. So it’s not surprising that DICE published new Battlefield 4 trailer dedicated to China Rising DLC. This video, as you have may already  guessed, demonstrates what awaits you in the pack. Here you will have to fight on the lands of China, whose inhabitants have rebelled against the invaders, and are going to win their freedom by all means. So, be sure, you will be involved in incredibly hot battles. But in order to be able to verify this personally, we suggest you to watch short Battlefield 4 trailer, which is published below.

And if you have suddenly forgotten what is included in this add-on, then we will gladly remind you. So, China Rising DLC ​​includes 4 brand-new Battlefield 4 maps - Silk Road, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks and Dragon Pass, - five weapons, UCAV and SUAV, two vehicles (bomber and dirt bike), as well as ten new assignments and Air Superiority mode from Battlefield 3: End Game. But if there isn’t enough information about this add-on for you, we would advise to read our previous article about the DLC, where you will find some interesting images of Battlefield 4 maps.

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