Battlefield 3 End Game DLC trailer and gameplay video

Battlefield 3 End Game DLC trailer and gameplay video by  8746 views
EA company has launched a new trailer for the last, according to our sources, Battlefield 3 addition. The world of End Game’ DLC  in stasis have been shown in the video, which is currently available only to players that have Battlefield Premium account.

The trailer shows the battlefields, which froze a second before the rockets start exploding, bullets start  whistling and engines of armored vehicles begin rumbling. In this DLC the players will receive 4 new maps, 3 modes and a lot of weapons, equipment, vehicles, both for ground and air battles, and achievements. Also we would like to show you an interesting interpretation of the “Capture the Flag” mode on motorcycles, which will be a novelty and an exclusive Battlefield 3 End Game DLC content.

The add-on is due in March on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and is likely to be the last content for this game, because the Battlefield 4 has almost ready to replace its elder brother.

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