Batman: Arkham Origins launch trailer has been published

Batman: Arkham Origins launch trailer has been published by  3517 views

Imagine that it is Christmas Eve, the beautiful night covers the Gotham City and everything seems to be calm and great. Well, actually it is not, if you are Batman. Because according to the Batman: Arkham Origins trailer, the superhero in a mask fights against numerous enemies without weekends and holidays.


New Batman: Arkham Origins trailer that appeared on the official game's channel several minutes ago, is a launch video, which will prepare you for the project's release. Here you will be able to meet Black Mask - one of the villains, which will disturb you during the game, - and he is going to kill you right on Christmas Eve.

Black Mask ensures us in the trailer that the personal mission of his life is to cause the violent death of Batman, and it seems that it is not a joke. You will be able to resist him and all other enemies in two days, on the 25th of October, and if you play on PC or Wii U and live in Europe, then for you this adventure will start on the 8th of November. But the new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer is available for all regions right now: