Batman: Arkham Origins has got a new multiplayer mode

Batman: Arkham Origins has got a new multiplayer mode by  3103 views

If you don't know how to spend the upcoming holidays, the guys from Warner Bros. have a nice idea - you can play Batman: Arkham Origins game. And in order to make this project even more interesting, the developers have presented new challenging multiplayer mode.

The mode's name is Hunter, Hunted, and it is available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. And like in other multiplayer competitions of Batman: Arkham Origins game, there will be three different sides. In the first gang we will meet three Bane's killers, in the second one - three thugs of Joker. And the third side will be presented by Batman himself, but our hero won't have any assistants.

And to celebrate the release of the new mode, the developers are holding a double credit event, which starts on Tuesday and will give you a chance to earn twice more scores for every match. Also Warner Bros. has presented two nice screenshots of Hunter, Hunted mode:



Batman: Arkham Origins was released at the end of October. The game has a single-player and several innovative multiplayer modes. And we'd like to remind you that earlier we reported about fantastic contest for Batman's fans.