Batman: Arkham Origins DLC - Initiation - is shown in video

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC - Initiation - is shown in video by  2789 views

If you are a fan of the game series about Batman, then you know for sure that new Batman: Arkham Origins DLC - Initiation - will be released tomorrow.

Naturally, the developers of this action-adventure couldn’t leave this event unnoticed, that’s why they have prepared for us short Batman: Arkham Origins video, in which we are shown what awaits us in Initiation pack. Here you will see young Bruce Wayne, who not only learns various ninja techniques and the basis of the fight with the enemies, but he is also trying to overcome his internal demons, fear, hate and anger that overshadow his mind. And his patient and wise master - Kirigami, which is also shown in the trailer below, - helps our future hero to understand this difficult lesson and find himself. That’s why if you want to know with what you will encounter in the Initiation story campaign, we suggest you to watch the freshest Batman: Arkham Origins video, which was published just an hour ago. 

Meanwhile we are reminding that this Batman: Arkham Origins DLC is included in the game’s Season Pass, which costs $19.99.