Awesome Battlefield 3: Aftermath trailer and tricks

Awesome Battlefield 3: Aftermath trailer and tricks by  5655 views
DICE Studio revealed details of the upcoming  Battlefield 3: Aftermath add-on in the new gameplay trailer. DLC will be based on four new maps that show interesting and unusual area of Tehran and its surroundings.

Aftermath will also add a new type of story battles. Mode "Scavengers" will be one of the types of deathmatch, where everyone will have a very limited supply of arms and ammunition, and all the additional weapons and ammo have to be find on the map or taken from the opponents. Only the fittest will survive!

With each passing day, the players Battlefield 3 not only improve their skills in shooting, or selecting the right build, but in the tricks. Have a look at some rather unusual options destroy aircraft, although it is more like a suicide mission of the American blockbuster

Release Battlefield 3: Aftermath set for PC and Xbox 360 will be held on December 4, for the owners of premium accounts, and the rest will see the addition in 2 weeks on December 18.