Are The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls under development for PS4?

Are The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls under development for PS4? by  5197 views

Recently we have told you the information about possible The Last of Us 2 game, and already today we would like to share some other rumors about this project and another one, the publisher of which is also Sony.

The rumors about the alleged development of Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us for PS4 were announced by a user, whose nickname is Lordidude, in PlayStation US forum. He said, referring to his source within Sony, which he does not want to disclose, that Beyond Two Souls game is already under development for PlayStation 4, and Naughty Dog studio is working on The Last Of Us GOTY, the release of which is also planned for PS4.


Naturally, Sony’s employees haven’t confirmed this rumor, but we think that this information seems to be plausible. First of all, both games were launched in pretty good quality, were positively met by the community of gamers, and The Last of Us received a lot of awards in different nominations. Secondly, the release of these projects for PS4 may be even a marketing ploy because it can boost the sales of the console itself and these games’ versions on it. 

And what do you think about it? Would you like The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls to be launched on PS4? Your answers can be left at the bottom of the page.