12 GTA 5 screenshots were revealed

12 GTA 5 screenshots were revealed by  7243 views

One of the most anticipated this year's game has got new media files. 12 GTA 5 screenshots were revealed yesterday and show the vehicles and characters of this project. According to new pictures, the life in Los Santos promises to be very cool and full of events.

Two weeks ago the developers promised to reveal some information about multiplayer modes, but later decided to give us a new glimpse of the game with 12 beautiful GTA 5 screenshots. Some of them display the numerous vehicles from this project (cars, boats, helicopters, motorbikes), while the other ones demonstrate our main characters during their leisure time.

It seems that with these GTA 5 screenshots the developers wanted to reveal several new game's features. On these two shots we can see the helicopter chase that sounds very exciting:



Michael is listening to audio player while bathing in the sun, so it seems that in GTA 5 you will be able to switch on the radio even outside the car:


And Trevor is visiting something that looks like the strip club:


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