Resident Evil: Revelations 2: two latest videos and new release dates

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Yesterday, two news about the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations 2 game appeared online. First of all, two short videos, which show the monsters of the future survival horror, were published. And secondly, Capcom studio has changed the release plan of the game's episodes. So now, it looks like this:

On PS3 and PS4:

  • Episode 1 - February 24th (North America) and February 25th (Europe);
  • Episode 2 - March 3rd in North America, March 4th - in Europe;
  • Episode 3 - March 10th (North America) and March 11th (Europe);
  • Episode 4 - March 17th in North America and March 18th - in Europe.

On PC and Xbox (worldwide):

  • Episode 1 - February 25th;
  • Episode 2 - March 4th;
  • Episode 3 - March 11th;
  • Episode 4 - March 18th.