Wolfenstein: The New Order review

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Wolfenstein: The New Order game - the next and the ninth instalment in Wolfenstein series - was released two days ago, and since that time it has been being discussed by the franchise’s fans and the representants of the lead gaming portals. They all are interested in the question if this project has turned to be a successful one, if it corresponds to the developers’ promises, lives up to the expectations of fans and how well its components have been implemented. Today we are going to clear up all these moments, and so if you have some doubts, whether to buy this game or not, then we advise you to read our Wolfenstein: The New Order review and make your definitive decision.

First of all, we would like to remind that Wolfenstein is one of the the oldest series, because its first part was released in far 1981. It is quite difficult to keep the same tone of the franchise and its original storyline, while introducing completely new game elements and improving the old ones for such a long period of time. And we can say that MachineGames - the project’s developer - couldn’t do it correctly for 100%. But let's start from the beginning. 

According to the story, you are an American soldier William B.J. Blazkowicz, who have been in a coma for 14 years because of a serious wound, and now you wake up in 1960 in a psycho hospital and find out that the Nazis won the Second World War. They have established their global order thanks to the new extremely powerful and innovative weapon, which you will have to grab and use in order to fight against the enemies. Thus, in the game you are really collecting various powerful weapons, picking up the ammo for them and mercilessly killing the Nazis. The developers have worked a lot to present us a wide arsenal of high-tech weapons for Blazkowicz. We can see the different machine guns, shotguns, pistols, grenades and even the knives, which, by the way, are skillfully used by our protagonist. It is also important that the various arms may be used to eliminate different targets. For example, you can kill a Nazi with a conventional shotgun or with a knife, while some giant mechanical robot can be eliminated only with some more powerful machine gun.


Besides the improved weapon, it should be emphasized that the main character has also got some good changes. Thus, our Blazkowicz can shoot from two guns at the same time, overcharge a weapon using only one hand (that is not very realistic), jump from one aircraft to another during the flight, while remaining safe and almost unhurt, and, as it was mentioned earlier, he can masterfully throw the knives at a foe.


The next moment, which we would like to praise, is the "directing", the style and the game’s tone. In our opinion, they are at a very good level. Every 15-20 minutes the gameplay is replaced by the rapid bumpers, which are closely connected to the events of the project, and by very tense and interesting cut-scenes. Some people think that there are too many these scenes, but as it seems to us, they support the overall tone of the game and give you 1-2 minutes to rest before the next portion of the massacres. But it’s always up to you to decide.

Another good moment of the project (except the first gameplay scene, which is considered to be the worse one in all meanings) is the quality of graphics on almost all platforms. In general, the developers have worked hard on the graphics component and eventually have succeed in providing a pretty nice picture, especially in comparison with the previous instalment in the series. But in order you to be able to make sure in it, we suggest you watching a video, showing the project’s graphics comparison on three platforms - PS4, Xbox One and PC.

But our Wolfenstein: The New Order review is destined not only to reveal the pros of this game, but also to present its cons, which, unfortunately, there are a lot. First of all, we would like to talk about the mechanical dogs, which have changed a bit in the comparison with the previous part and aren’t dangerous because they can’t even normally attack you and bite your leg off, for example, as it would have been in the real life. In addition, you may often see how the German soldiers "stick" in the textures of the game and automatically become undangerous ones. The next moment is the regeneration system of the protagonist. In a typical old-school shooter you would considerably sweat to find a first aid kit and heal yourself, and in Wolfenstein: The New Order game it is easier, and therefore boring. You can detect lots of different medicaments almost at every corner, and so you do not have to go through the effort of finding them and regenerating yourself.

Another failure, according to many critics, is poorly implemented elements of stealth. And the mode itself hasn’t become a nice surprise for many gamers, because most of them like the hardcore shooters and not the stealth games. But if you want to try something new, then play this new for Wolfenstein mode.

In conclusion

Considering all these pros and cons of the project, which have been revealed in our Wolfenstein: The New Order review, we think that, in general, the game has a good quality and is interesting. The fans of the series will appreciate it for sure, because it has many typical traits of the franchise, but it may disappoint those who like the continuing action and shooting. The GameSpace team gives a solid 8 rate to this project, but it’s still up to you to decide whether to buy this shooter or not.