Watch Dogs review: does the game live up to our expectations?

Watch Dogs review: does the game live up to our expectations? by  8094 views

Watch Dogs game - one of the most anticipated projects of this year - was released two days ago, so it’s time for GameSpace team to present you our Watch Dogs review, having revealed as many game’s positive and negative moments as possible. So if you haven’t bought this action-adventure yet, then we advise you to read our opinion about this project and then to decide, whether you want to have Watch Dogs in your game’s collection or not.

We will start from the beginning of the project. If you know the game’s plot well, then you are aware that the protagonist - Aiden Pearce - is a hacker, who, after the murder of his niece, starts revenging. He, using the most powerful operating system, untitled CtOS, which controls everything in Chicago, is searching for the criminals, who are guilty in the killing of his close person. Here is a first hitch. The problem is that there is no introduction, so you, obviously, should know, who you are, what you need to do, what you revenge for and how you should do all these actions. Everything you have is Aiden’s black-and-white memorials, which, on top of that, are made in the worse quality, so the picture is fuzzy as if your PC had a broken video card. We can say that it looks awful and it irritates a lot, because you don’t often understand if your video card doesn’t work correctly or if it’s a brilliant trick of Ubisoft. Besides it, you don’t understand where you should go, what you need to do in the game and how to improve your skills, because there is neither the tutorial video, nor the instructions. You will have to guess about everything mentioned above in your first mission through trial and error.


But then everything goes much better. You find yourself in a really huge, vivid and various open world of Watch Dogs game. We must say that Ubisoft has kept its promise for 100%. Here you can go for a walk, explore the environnement, peep the different people, reading their profiles, get to know about the destinies of the most interesting persons, steal the money and do everything that you like for long hours. Don’t start any mission for a while, just take your time to study this big colorful and such an alive world. We are sure that you will like almost each thing here. For example, there is a lot of various mini-games, including the ones in your smartphone. They all are well thought out and developed in the same way, so you haven’t any chance to be bored. You may try the digital drugs, which bring to some virtual reality, where you can do a hundred of the craziest things, or you can start another game, which allows killing the eerie alliens just right in Chicago.

The chases, the crimes and the capture of the “towers” are also well thought out. You have many variants of how to fling off pursuers. You can, as it is shown in the movie, stop in a dark alley, turn off the car’s lights and wait for the police or another chaser will drive by, or (don’t forget you are a hacker!) you can use your supersmartphone and thanks to the omnipresent CtOS system raise the bridges after you or withdraw the security guard stocks. In general, there is a big number of ways how to get rid off the intrusive pursuer. Besides it, the crimes, or to be more exact their playthrough, will rejoice you too. If the call’s scheme on the crime scene is always the same, its prevention is always held in the different ways and with intensity that makes these missions really interesting and exciting. The next moment - the capture of the “towers” - concerns the typical job for the almost all Ubisoft’s games. For the first time in the history of the company’s projects, apart from Far Cry 3 game, these missions can be considered really interesting, as they allow you to invent your way to grab this or that building. Exactly these jobs give the opportunity to show all your ingenuity and resourcefulness.


Another positive point that we would like to include in our Watch Dogs review concerns the penetration of another gamer in your single player. As soon as one of the guardians has detected you and called for backup, the player from outside comes immediately. He can make you a lot of nasty tricks, hunt for the same file, try to hack you - in general, do everything to complicate, but at the same time to make this mission even more interesting for you. So you won’t be bored for sure.

Unfortunately, Watch Dogs game has not only the good moments. A huge number of gamers around the world complain about the awful PC version of the project. According to them, the game can’t be installed or started, shows the "unknown error" and then shuts down. Frankly speaking, the list of errors in this version of the game just terrifies us, because almost all project’s component - from the graphics and the sound to its efficiency - suffers. Ubisoft’s employees have promised to fix all these bugs and errors in the near future, but the damage, unfortunately, has already been done.

In conclusion

Taking into consideration all the pros and the cons, which are described in our Watch Dogs review, GameSpace team gives a solid 8.5 rate to this project. We hope that the developers of Ubisoft will fix all problems related to the PC version of the game, and we will be able to enjoy this amazing action-adventure.

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